baking cookies with the Grahame's

Baking cookies at 8am on a Saturday. Totally normal.. right? Right.

Niki, like me and many other moms, always find ourselves behind the camera-- and it was time for a change! It is nice to have "posed" family photos, but I think its equally important to have photos that document your life in the most natural way... the "day to day" life photos. Niki + her boys have a blast cooking together, and I was so happy to document this (normal) occasion!

Colton was such a great helper-- loved to stir!

The smiles say it all!

Just a liiittle excited to eat some cookies.. I do a similar dance when I'm about to eat a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie... no judging!

These two have such an incredible bond! It's easy to see.

Three peas in a pod.

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