baby owen has arrived: 8 days new

Owen Patrick Krueger celebrated his 8 days in this world with a photo shoot with me! He was a low key, bright eyed boy, and did great in front of the lens. His mom, Jillian, was one of my very first friends in Denver, and I am so happy I found her! We moved moved here from St. Louis at the same time, and it has been wonderful to see her family grow right before my eyes.

Below are just a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

So comfy in his parents arms.

Big sister, Ella Rose, is a pro when it comes to taking pictures.

Brendan and baby Owen were relaxing in the rocking chair when Ella Rose spotted them, grabbed a book, plopped down on her dads lap, and started showing baby the pictures.

It was very important that Owen saw the pictures.

I couldn't resist posting this photo of Ella Rose... she is such a doll!

See more about this beautiful family on Jillian's blog:

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