sweet baby annie: 6 days new

My big sister and her husband Mark just had her third beautiful baby, Johanna Rose Iwinski (Annie for short). She is named after the some VERY important people. Her first name is from our great grandmother-- Johanna Beer. For as long as I can remember, we would ALWAYS fight over who was going to get the privileged of naming their baby girl "Johanna"-- It is a beautiful name, but the legacy of carrying on her name was important to both of us. She beat me to the punch-- but, don't be surprised if there are two baby J's someday ;). I think the name fits her very well.

Her middle name is after our Grandma Bertha Rose Geiger, who passed away shortly after her 80th birthday last May. She was the matriarch of our family-- strong, opinionated + full of passion. You never had to guess what was on her mind, but that was something I loved about her. I hope Annie embodies the same spunk that she had. I miss her every single day.

She is also named after me (bonus!), and Mark's Grandma RoseAnne. Pretty amazing, right?

Keep on scrollin' to see my favorites from their session. :)

My sister has always been a "motherly" person. One of her many great qualities.


So happy in her mama's arms.

Saying Nora is obsessed with her little sister is a vast understatement. "It is MY baby, Aunt Rose!"

Sweet little pink bow.

Proud papa.

I love this shot.

They just celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary-- love birds!

She was awake the whole time we took pictures. No joke.

Proud siblings! Aren't their eyes so beautiful?

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