home sweet highland, IL.

Ahhhhhh, it feels so good to be in my hometown! Besides spending as much possible time with my parents, catching up with my fam + friends is next on the docket. (That, and drinking ridiculously large amounts of real strawberry ski). The Schallenberg's graciously spent their last night as Highland residents with me + my boys in my parents back yard. They started their 22 hour trek to SLC the very next day. (And bonus! stopped by to see + stay w/ my hubs in Denver).

I'm going to miss seeing them in Highland when we visit, buuuuut I'm super excited that they'll be a touch closer to us! I see camping trips in our future :D!

Keep on scrollin' to see more!

He loves his mama, that's for sure.

Midwest sunsets are truly the best. It was like the sky was on fire-- so many beautiful colors.

My little man being a goof ball.

These two played together so well... it was so much fun to watch!

This field is in my parents' back yard. Obsessed.

Those HUGE blue eyes-- just like his momma.

Such a sweet sweet love!

And they're off!!

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