family photos with the dumstorff's

Sara and I were destined to be the best of friends. Our moms were (and still are!) best friends growing up, and when Sara moved onto our street when we were seven years old, it was a match made in history. Every time I come home to visit, she is on a short list of people that I have to see... but she will be joining her fiance in Sacramento in the middle of June. I am so excited for them to start this new journey together, and of course, come visit!! (PS- why are all of my best friends moving west at the same time?)

Anyway, I was delighted to photograph the Dumstorff family before Sara's big move. Kathy + Jim, Sara and her brother Ryan, and his little guy Harrison are the faces that fill these photos.

Keep on scrolling to see more :)

I remember when we were 12 years old and I would repeatedly call her house to see if she was home. If she wasn't I would call 12367548 times a day, and Ryan was always on the other end.. "She's not home yet.... She'll call you." and after the millionth time "STOP CALLING ALREADY!" Hey, I was twelve and needed my bestie.. HA! So sorry, Ryan! :D

I am obsessed with capturing little moments like this. Tickling Papa!

sweet hugs :)

little guy, quick feet!

Harrison REALLY wanted to see a tractor go by. I don't blame him!

toddlers never. stop. moving. #parenthood

Love the little expressions he would make.

Such a beautiful bond! He's sure going to miss her when she moves to Cali!

And so will I! So thankful my mom snapped this picture of us.

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