just like daddy

For Father’s Day this year the boys and I wanted to do something a little different. We spent this past week doing all of Tom's favorite things; from hiking, biking, and fishing, a pick up baseball game, and even a trip to home depot! I put all of these photos into a book called “Just like Daddy.” I had ALL of Tom’s favorite shirts and hats in my trunk for a week… He was seriously confused to as where everything kept disappearing to… whoops! Anyway, I am obsessed with how the photos turned out. Would love to know what you think. :D HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO OUR FAVORITE PERSON, We love you, Tom Rose!!

Home Depot = pure happiness.

What are we going to build today?

Love a little bokeh!


Artie was seriously floating in that shirt.

He was so thrilled to be wearing Tom's boots. He refused to take them off!

A little game of putt-putt.

Hawaiian shirts are a staple in Tom's closet.

Fishin' in Golden, Co.

Two little spirited Blues fans.. no surprise there!

Artie was watching a pick up game below.

Telling stories.

Arthur is a little confused as to why he was wearing a helmet.

Daniel, on the older hand, felt super cool.

I think this picture is my favorite. Daniel hit the ball into the outfield and hasn't stopped telling us about it.

The catcher.

Loving life.

Tom's shirt tucked into Artie's little shorts... :D


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